Bigg Boss Marathi 2, episode 47, August 1, 2019,Update

Bigg Boss Marathi 2, episode 47, August 1, 2019 Update 

In today's episode, Veena Jagtap's mom isn't permitted to converse with her girl.

Bigg Boss Marathi 2, episode 47, August 1, 2019,Update

The most recent scene of Bigg Boss Marathi 2 begins with the continuation of stop and discharge task. Heena's mom demands Shivani and Neha to not affront Heena. While she begins crying before the two, Shivani and Neha even in the wake of being in the stop mode, the two of them get up and embrace Heena's mom. 

Afterward, everybody is discharged. The housemates invest quality energy with Heena's mom. In any case, when everybody is again approached to go in the stop mode, Heena's mom withdraws. Heena disregarding being in that mode, she holds conversing with her mom. 

Bigg Boss at that point makes a declaration that Shivani, Neha, Rupali, and Heena have ruptured the standards of the errand and in this way, Bigg Boss rebuffs them four. 

They all are approached to do sit-ups and Bigg Boss stops them various occasions while they are doing their discipline. 

Following day, when everybody is occupied with doing the family unit work, two little visitors go into the house, who are Abhijeet Kelkar's children Radha and Malhar. Abhijeet is given one more amazement as a video sent by his dad is played on the TV

Afterward, when Abhijeet goes to the admission space to leave his children, he is astonished to see his significant other. They all have a little family gathering in the admission room. 

Bigg Boss at that point plays a tune by which Shiv gets an indication that his mom has come to meet him. Not long after in the wake of going into the house, Shiv's mom cautions him to regard everybody and furthermore requests that he play exclusively. Shiv's sister also comes inside the house and encourages him to keep up good ways from Veena

Afterward, when the two of them leave, Veena feels terrible as she doesn't get time to converse with Shiv's family. 

Finally, Veena's mom goes into the house and begins reprimanding Shivani for passing close to home remarks on Veena. She likewise gets somewhat angry at Rupali for having a ton of fun while Shivani was talking against Veena

Veena's mom meets everybody in the house and gives them all the best. Also, when she goes to converse with her little girl, Bigg Boss requests that she withdraw. Veena begins crying uncontrollably as she isn't allowed to meet her mom.

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